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Fitness & Exercise in Pregnancy

Fitness & Exercise in Pregnancy

During your initial visit with Dr. Brown, you will discuss healthy living practices like not smoking or being around second-hand smoke, good food choices, and how you can exercise during pregnancy. In most cases, moderate exercise during pregnancy is safe and a great benefit to you and your baby.

Studies have shown multiple benefits to women who exercise and stay active during pregnancy. These benefits include less back pain and discomfort during pregnancy, feeling stronger during labor and deliver and a faster recovery from childbirth.

Many area gyms and community centers offer prenatal exercise classes, prenatal yoga, or prenatal water activities to help you exercise and make connections with other soon-to-be mothers. These activities are designed to be gentler on a pregnant woman’s body.

Sports and activities to avoid during pregnancy include: horseback riding, water skiing, SCUBA diving, contact sports, anything that may include the possibility of a fall or pressure on the abdomen. If you have any question at all about whether exercise, sports or a physical activity could be dangerous, don’t hesitate to discuss it with Dr. Brown and his staff.

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