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Irregular or Painful Menses

Irregular or Painful Menses

Menstruation is a normal part of a woman’s life. But when cramps and bleeding interfere with your normal activities, it’s time to talk with Dr. Brown about your options.

There can be many causes for heavy, irregular or abnormally painful periods. A physical exam followed by some simple blood tests can help diagnose the problem. Testing such as a blood test or a sonogram may be needed to diagnose the problem. 

Dr. Brown may recommend a number of treatments that could help with irregular or painful periods. Sometimes a slight hormonal change, like the birth control pill, can greatly relieve symptoms. Lifestyle changes, like a healthy diet and consistent exercise, have also shown great benefits. 

Sometimes, more intervention may be needed. A hysteroscopy procedure, which evaluates the lining of the uterus, may be performed to help diagnose uterine issues such as fibroids or polyps. An endometrial ablation is a procedure that vaporizes or burns the endometrial lining of the uterus for women with heavy or abnormal menses. 

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